20 Compelling Evidences That God Exists: Discover Why by Kenneth Boa

By Kenneth Boa

The main philosophical, clinical, sociological, and historic purposes for believing in God are offered essentially and concisely. Why accomplish that many folks think that there's a God who exists and seeks a courting with them? Remarkably, although thousands upon thousands do think in God, they can not supply a unmarried the reason is,. No ask yourself those that don't think God exists stay unconvinced-there's not anyone to argue God's facet. Now there's a source that tackles the main profound arguments from philosophy, technology, sociology, psychology, and background . . . and provides twenty transparent, concise, and compelling evidences that make religion in God-and in particular Jesus Christ-reasonable.

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The planet must turn on its axis and be tilted just enough to prevent extremes of temperature and weather. The planet must be composed of various heavy elements to make complex molecules and compounds (such as water) possible. It must have a crust that’s thick enough to keep volcanoes from dominating the surface and thin enough to allow the atmosphere to retain oxygen. 182 inches in thickness! These are merely a few of the parameters that must be just right for a planet to sustain biological life of any kind.

We want to argue that your very recognition that bad things happen is evidence for the Christian belief in God. To put it another way, we think that the state of affairs when it comes to good and evil is exactly what Christianity claims. In this chapter, we’ll explain why. C [God] makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. —JESUS (MATTHEW 5:45) PEOPLE ARE GENIUSES—AND IDIOTS We human beings are perhaps the greatest mystery of the cosmos. On the one hand, alone among all known species of life on Earth, we have a capacity for higher-ordered reasoning.

Furthermore, the probability of this particular arrangement occurring is rather remote—about one in twenty trillion quadrillion (2620 is roughly equal to 2 × 1028). Nevertheless, there it is! It would be pointless to ask why this arrangement of twenty letters occurred rather than some other arrangement. The above arrangement has no significance other than it just happens to be the one chosen here. Furthermore, the fact that some meaningful, simple words can be picked out (OK, EAR, EARN) is insignificant, because these words do not form a complex, meaningful whole.

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