A German Doctor At The Front by Wilhelm His

By Wilhelm His

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I had the habit of smoking incessantly and came to the conclusion that the tobacco, odor kept the lice away, but I met an even heavier smoker who was covered with lice . 38 A GERMAN DOCTOR AT THE FRONT It is known that unclean races do not suffer from insects . Swen Hedin was made fun of by the Tibetans when he tried to rid himself of fleas . The Russians and Poles, too, suffered little from their lice . Professor Haase made on this point interesting observations . He found that the children feel the bites of lice, but eventually they became habituated .

In spite of this there were many cases of frostbite . To a certain extent the gifts were to be blamed . We found men who put on five and six pairs of stockings one on top of another and thereby shut off the blood supply of the legs . The army surgeon v. Kern had to issue an order calling attention to this mistake. CHAPTER VII TYPHOID FEVER Towards the middle of the past century physicians succeeded in limiting certain diseases of a group of fevers, which were classed together under the name of "typhus," namely, typhoid fever (Abdominaltyphus), typhus (Fleckfieber), and relapsing fever (Riickfallfieber) .

Soon there also came hospitals for the prisoners . Behind the front all wounded were dressed and sheltered together, but in the camps for prisoners special lazarets had to be erected . The Russian as a whole was a satisfactory patient, simple, patient and grateful . He liked best to roll himself up under his blanket and to reappear only when, he was well . For the Russians we made partial use of Russian physicians, who pleased us little . They were indifferent about their charges, thought only of their own comfort and pay, and professionally were quite incompetent.

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