Adsorption from Solutions of Non-Electrolytes by J. J. Kipling

By J. J. Kipling

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W. A. Patrick and D. C. Jones, /. Phys. , 1925, 29, 1. 11. M. R. A. Rao, /. Indian Chem. Soc, 1935, 12, 345. 12. G. E. Bayle and A. Klinkenberg, Ree. Trav. , 1957, 76, 593. 13. J. J. Kipling and D. A. Tester, /. Chem. , 1952, 4123. 14. J. J. Kipling, Quart. , 1951, 5, 60. 15. G. A. H. Elton, /. Chem. Soc, 1951, 2958. 16. J. H. Hildebrand and R. L. Scott, "Solubility of Non-Electrolytes", Reinhold, New York, 1950, 3rd edition. 17. W. Ostwald and R. , 1922, 30, 279. CHAPTER 4 Adsorption from Completely Miscible Liquids Nearly all of the investigations on this type of system have been made with binary mixtures, and the treatment in this section refers to such mixtures.

9). 25) defines a straight line. e. that for a considerable range of x, the composition of the adsorbed phase remains constant. This composition can be calculated if the linear section of the isotherm is extrapolated, giving values of (n\)c when x = 0 and — (n2)c when x = 1. g. ) If appropriate molecular areas are assigned to the two components, a specific surface area can be calculated for the solid. Comparison of this value with a value determined by a standard 48 ADSORPTION FROM SOLUTIONS OF NON-ELECTROLYTES FIG.

ADSORPTION FROM COMPLETELY MISCIBLE LIQUIDS 47 regarded as implying monolayer adsorption, but it had been suggested28 that even at low pressures, this type of isotherm was compatible with the occurrence of capillary condensation simultaneously with monolayer adsorption. This implies the same point as was raised by Jones and Mill, and can be met in the same way. 20), were obtained by assuming that the vapours were adsorbed singly by a monolayer mechanism to which the Langmuir treatment was applicable.

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