Advances in shape memory polymers by Jinlian Hu

By Jinlian Hu

Form reminiscence fabrics are immensely precious due to their potential to get better their unique shapes upon publicity to an exterior stimulus reminiscent of warmth, moisture, gentle or a magnetic box. This booklet reports key contemporary learn match reminiscence polymers, their homes and functions. themes comprise the connection among morphological buildings and form reminiscence homes; excessive functionality Tg and Tm sort form reminiscence polymers; constructions of form reminiscence polymers with supramolecular switches; and the thermally-active and moisture-active form reminiscence impression of supermolecular form reminiscence polymers.

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1998), Shape fixity and shape recovery in a film of shape memory polymer of polyurethane series, J. Intell. Mater. Syst. , 9, 127–36. , Mikulas, M. J. (2001), Developments in elastic memory composite materials for spacecraft deployable structures, IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings, vol. 5, 52541–8, Big Sky, MT. , Zrínyi, M. (2006), Magnetic field sensitive functional elastomers with tuneable elastic modulus, Polymer, 47, 227–33. , Cooper, S. L. (1998), Microphase separation and rheological properties of polyurethane melts, Part I: Effect of block length, Macromolecules, 31, 9181–92.

1999, 2004) prepared fibers of PEG/polypropylene, poly(ethylene terephthalate) and ethylene-vinyl acetate by controlling suitable spinning parameters and component contents. The PCMs prepared via physical blending have a tendency to lose their phase change characteristics after several heating– cooling cycles due to the loss of PEG. Jiang et al. (2002) developed a network solid–solid PCM with rigid polymer cellulose diacetate (CDA) serving as a skeleton, and the PEG as a branch chain. However, because of the covalent network structure of the PEG-grafted CDA, the material is not suitable for fiber preparation.

11 presents the plots of shape recovery as a function of recovery temperature of the segmented polyurethanes. The initial shape recovery of the segmented polyurethanes is roughly equal to the shape fixity obtained when they were kept at Tfix for 120 minutes after unloading. For example, PCL4000-B-50 remains at 65% of shape fixity in this case and the starting shape recovery in Fig. 9 is at 35% accordingly. It is found that all the segmented polyurethanes show over 90% shape recovery when heated to a high temperature T∞, where no more shape recovery occurs with the increasing temperature.

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