Alonso de Zorita: royal judge and Christian humanist, by Ralph H. Vigil

By Ralph H. Vigil

Alonso De Zorita: Royal pass judgement on And Christian Humanist 1512-1585, via Vigil, Ralph H.

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36 Córdoba: Zorita's City of Origin The city that Alonso Díaz de Zurita helped administer had a rich past and still remains in appearance a synthesis of its Roman and Moorish inheritance. Under Roman rule Córdoba was fought over by Caesar and Pompey; the two Senecas and Lucan were born in the city. Under Arab and Berber conquerors, Córdoba became the capital of Moslem Spain and rivaled Damascus and Baghdad in wealth and learning. " 37 Moslems, Jews, and Christians lived harmoniously in Córdoba until the fourteenth century, and coexistence made for race mixture and the fusion of cultures.

345 Includes index.  Title.  paper) Publication of this work has been made possible in part by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. The paper in this book meets the guidelines for permanence and durability of the Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of the Council on Library Resources, Inc. Copyright © 1987 by the University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Publishing Division of the University. A. First edition. Page v For Barbara, Frank, and Rafael Page vii Contents Preface xi Acknowledgments xiii 1 The Making of a Judge 3 2 Maintaining Law and Order in Española 41 3 Enforcing the New Laws in New Granada, 1550-1552 83 4 Alonso de Zorita: Protector of the Guatemalan Indians 121 5 Troubles in New Spain, 1556-1566' Zorita, the Visitador, and the Encomenderos 161 6 Return to Spain and Last Years 235 7 Alonso de Zorita: Anthropologist and Historian 265 Glossary of Spanish and Nahuatl Terms 295 Notes 303 Bibliography 345 Index 365 Page ix Illustrations Zorita's stations in the New World (map) 2 Deposition of Zorita 6 Ferdinand II 22 Gonzalo Fernandez de Córdoba 35 Seville 44 Alonso and Diego Caballero de Cazalla 57 Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas 123 Sketch of Zorita 176 Aztec aristocrat 187 Juana de Austria 239 Cervantes 250 Philip II 259 Sketch of Zorita 268 Page xi Preface Alonso De Zoritaa royal judge of great moral integrity who wrote a bookleft this world four centuries ago.

66 Three years later Juan Pérez, in North Africa, at his own cost furnished horses, arms, and men in the capture of Tlemcen and the expedition to Mostaganem. 67 In March, 1548, Juan Pérez was in Granada, and shortly thereafter he sailed for the New World with his brother Alonso. When Page 20 he arrived in Peru in 1553, he learned that Francisco Hernandez Girón, the last great rebel against the crown in those kingdoms, had raised the standard of revolt in Cuzco and offered freedom to those slaves who joined his cause.

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