Amazing Women: Inspirational Stories by Charles Margerison

By Charles Margerison

Who was once the 1st girl to qualify as a physician? who's the one lady to have received Nobel Prizes? discover those and different impressive tales in remarkable girls. during this designated tale assortment from the superb humans membership, the genuine lives of iconic ladies together with Coco Chanel, Sojourner fact, Maria Montessori, Eva Peron and Helen Keller come to lifestyles. comprehend their genuine lives and demanding situations and be encouraged through what they did and the way they completed it. this can be a must-read for each lady looking thought. Meet a number of the world's so much striking ladies via BioViews®. A BioView® is a quick biographical tale, just like an interview. those targeted tales supply a good way of studying approximately impressive those who made significant contributions to our international and will assist you in achieving your pursuits on your trip via lifestyles.

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Indeed should I return to supervise the new developments? It would have been easier for me to stay in Britain By that time, I was the mother of five children Therefore, I had my hands full in more senses than one However, duty called and we set off on the long sea voyage In 1854, I returned on the Ballarat ship bound for Melbourne Over 900 pounds in subscriptions had been collected I guarded it carefully There were many people in need of finances Over 3000 people had emigrated under the Loan Society My husband was on the quay waiting to welcome me He had returned in 1851 to work as a Colonial Agent Archibald was delighted to see the family again His news worried me Gold fever had broken out and thousands of people had arrived I was told that women and children needed help Therefore, I set out on a tour of the goldfields © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 28 Amazing Women Many settlers lived in shacks or tents Conditions in the mining areas were basic Most people were living in makeshift tents It was tough and rough living and particularly bad for the children I proposed some shelter sheds Elsewhere, I could see improvements Life in Sydney was developing However, women did not have the vote They were treated as second class citizens Medical facilities were few and far between In the countryside, living conditions were still basic But, an example had been set The money I had raised was being used to help However, I began to feel unwell In 1857, a kidney disease was diagnosed For a long period of time my energy levels were low It was a difficult time, but I slowly improved During that time, we ran a local shop to make a living By July 1862, I felt strong enough to open a girl’s school It was very satisfying, once again, to be of help After a few years, I knew it was time to move on We decided to return to the UK Arriving in 1866, we lived in Liverpool It was a great contrast to the vast outback of Australia But, the social problems were similar The same was true in London where we lived next Increasingly I needed help, as frailty set in In the evenings, I reflected on my life The days under the Indian sun Then, our migration to Australia Moving to the colonial town of Sydney Caring for my family of four boys and two girls Providing support for immigrants Helping young girls in need Persuading politicians in high places to help Supported throughout by my husband All the time, working to help others in need It was all part of a rich life lived in modest circumstances.

Wayles and had his children For her, there was little choice But, in France, I had a choice I was approaching 17 years of age Fully developed physically and catching the eyes of Frenchmen Under their law, I was free to choose my friends So was my Master able to choose, as his wife had died Although he was kind, I was not his fiancée Neither of us had illusions about marriage Nevertheless, we enjoyed each other’s company No doubt, I made him feel young again For his part, he helped transform me from a girl to a woman Indeed, not just in the bedroom, but also in society The theatre, the opera, the grand balls and dances Beautiful dresses and diamonds glittering in the candlelight Plus, new hair styles and perfume At last, I knew what my French lady friends meant It was not necessary to be married to enjoy the benefits Why should I object?

Slaves in Virginia were not taught how to read or write Education was not seen as important, even for white girls In Paris, those things did not apply Indeed, Patsy attended a convent boarding school Mary also went to the school for a while © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 46 Amazing Women So, we did not see much of them during the week days Each day I was trained by the other staff members Some spoke English and they helped me learn basic French They asked me what it was like to be a slave in America One of them said that, in France, I was a free person under their law Indeed, I could go anywhere, with the Master’s permission Most days, I went to do the shopping with a colleague Although a slave in name, I soon learned that my role was different The only difference was that people knew I was from abroad My darker skin led many people to make comments Gradually, I began to understand what they were saying © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 47 Amazing Women Within a few months, I could converse a little in French Mary returned and had some lessons at the residence By listening to Mary’s tutors, I also learnt to read and write Ironically, I could write better in French than in English Also, I made friends with people in Paris of my own age They helped me learn many new things about life One thing was obvious The poor hated the rich Just like the slaves hated the landowners at home But, for me, Paris was a place where I felt free During vacations, Mary had lessons at home and I escorted her After a while, she asked to have all her lessons at home In that way, I learnt about mathematics and geography One of the tutors helped us chart the voyage that we had made The map also showed other countries, including those in Africa The tutor explained how slaves were captured there and transported For the first time, I understood how slavery started However, in France, I felt a new person Much more confident and knowledgeable Yet, I was still a black slave girl from Virginia Still under the rule of my Master He seemed a very busy man, but treated me kindly Each day, he had many meetings Officials from the French Government often arrived to see him He also visited their offices, dressed in fine clothes There were also grand ceremonial occasions Also, the Master hosted dinner parties for dignitaries at his residence One day, the Master called me to his office He said, ‘On Saturday, I have tickets for the theatre’ ‘The French Government has asked me to attend’ ‘I would like you to accompany me’ The invitation came as a great surprise The Master was 30 years older than me He was a man of the world and I was a slave girl I hesitated, not sure what to say Then, I realised this was Paris I was not a slave in France ‘Thank you,’ I said, ‘I look forward to it’ © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 48 Amazing Women ‘Good,’ he replied, ‘I will make the arrangements’ The next day, a lady arrived and asked to see me She said that I was to have a new dress and measured me The Master also arranged for me to have special jewellery Within a few days, a beautiful dress arrived Mary was excited and helped me prepare for the evening A grand coach and horses took us to the theatre On arrival, the Master held out his hand to help me descend ‘This is my niece from America,’ he said to a dignitary The Frenchmen replied, ‘Vous avez une jolie fille’ A pretty girl, indeed, was how I felt I noticed that the Master had not introduced me as a ‘ladies maid’ Nor had he mentioned that I was one of his slaves It was like a fairy tale and I smiled to all around Could this be really happening to me?

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