Amorphous Food and Pharmaceutical Systems by Harry Levine

By Harry Levine

In the past decade, the significance of amorphous water-soluble ingredients has been more and more known in the foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries. In reaction, Amorphous foodstuff and Pharmaceutical structures brings jointly present best specialists to give a contribution to this distinct cross-disciplinary account of the topic. insurance comprises: water-compatible amorphous solids (physical, chemical behaviour), low water content material platforms (water as plasticizer); purposes in foodstuff and pharmaceutical sciences and industries (processing and balance) besides state of the art know-how in nutrition and pharmaceutical structures. This well timed booklet could be welcomed by way of educational and commercial researchers and execs within the prescription drugs, foodstuff, fabrics and polymer sciences. learn more... content material: creation : growth in amorphous nutrition and pharmaceutical platforms / H. Levine -- the idea that of "structure" in amorphous solids from the point of view of the pharmaceutical sciences / E. Shalaev and G. Zograj -- Analytical version for the prediction of glass transition temperature of meals structures / V. Truong, B.R. Bhandari, T. Howes and B. Adhikari -- Microstructural domain names in meals : impact of components at the dynamics of water in dough, as studied via magnetic resonance spectroscopy / Y. Kou, E. W. Ross and I.A. Taub -- Supplemented nation diagram for sucrose from dynamic mechanical thermal research / I. Braga da Cruz, W.M. MacInnes, J.C. Oliveira and F.X. Malcata -- Glassy kingdom dynamics, its importance for biostabilisation and the function of carbohydrates / R. Parker, Y.M. Gunning, B. Lalloui, T.R. Noel and S.G. Ring -- impression of actual getting old on actual homes of starchy fabrics / D. Lourdin, P. Colonna, G. Brownsey and S. Ring -- Uptake and shipping of fuel in microstructured amorphous matrices / A. Schoonman, J.B. Ubbink, W.M. Maclnnes and H.J. Watzke -- fresh advancements within the conception of amorphous aqueous structures / P.G. Debenedetti and J.R. Errington -- experiences on raffinose hydrates / okay. Kajiwara, A. Motegi, M. Sugie, F. Franks, S. Munekawa, T. Igarashi, and A. Kishi -- comparability among WLF and VTF expressions and similar actual which means / A. Schiraldi -- development in meals processing and garage, in keeping with amorphous product know-how / L. Slade and H. Levine -- The impact of microstructure at the advanced glass transition happening in frozen sucrose version structures and meals / H.D. Gag, ok. Montoya and M.E. Sahagian -- courting among the glass transition, molecular constitution and useful balance of hydrolyzed soy proteins / ok Zylberman and A.M.R. Pilosof -- A examine of vitrification of Australian honeys at diverse moisture contents / P.A. Sopade, B. Bhandari, B. D'Arcy, P. Halley and N. Caffin -- Rational formula layout : can the regulators be expert? / T. Auffret -- Solid-liquid country diagrams in pharmaceutical lyophilisation : crystallization of solutes / E. Shalaev and F. Franks -- Miscibility of elements in frozen strategies and amorphous freeze-dried protein formulations / K.-I. Izutsu and S. Kojima -- Investigations into the amorphous and crystalline kinds of a improvement compound / D. O'Sullivan, G. Steele and T.K. Austin -- Thermophysical houses of amorphous dehydrated and frozen sugar platforms, as plagued by salts / M.F. Mazzobre, M.P. Longinotti, H.R. Corti and M.P. Buera -- Glass-forming skill of polyphosphate compounds and their balance / ok. Kawai, T. Suzuki, T. Hagiwara and R. Takai -- Chemistry in good amorphous matrices : implication for biostabilization / M.J. Pikal -- Residual water in amorphous solids : size and results on balance / D. Lechuga-Ballesteros, D.P. Miller and J. Zhang -- A lessen in water adsorption skill of amorphous starch subjected to lengthy ball-milling is followed by means of enthalpy leisure / T. Suzuki, Y.J. Kim, C. Pradistsuwana and R. Takai -- Use, misuse and abuse of experimental methods to reports of amorphous aqueous structures / D.S. Reid -- Glass transition and ice crystallisation of water in polymer gels studied by means of oscillation DSC, XRD-DSC simultaneous measurements, and Raman spectroscopy / N. Murase, M. Ruike, S. Yoshioka, C. Katagiri and H. Takahashi. summary: in the past decade, the significance of amorphous water-soluble elements has been more and more acknowledged in the nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. In reaction, Amorphous nutrients and Pharmaceutical platforms brings jointly present major specialists to give a contribution to this designated cross-disciplinary account of the topic. assurance comprises: water-compatible amorphous solids (physical, chemical behaviour), low water content material structures (water as plasticizer); functions in nutrition and pharmaceutical sciences and industries (processing and balance) besides cutting-edge know-how in meals and pharmaceutical structures. This well timed e-book can be welcomed by way of educational and commercial researchers and pros within the prescription drugs, nutrients, fabrics and polymer sciences

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In 1995, Felix and I organized the first ‘AMORPH’ conference at Cambridge, a ‘Discussion Symposium on the Chemistry and Application Technology of Amorphous Carbohydrates’. The previously unpublished summary report from that conference, compiled by Felix, is reproduced here in its entirety in Felix’s Preface. For my Introduction to the AMORPH 2001 conference, I summarized What are Harry and Louise talking about? glad you don’t have friends Uke Harrg and Louise? I Figure 3 Humorous media pieces from 1994 on ‘Harry and Louise’ Harry Levine 7 highlights from Felix’s 1995 summary report, which are shown in Table 2.

G. for the drug indomethacin. However, at 50 “C below T,, indefinite stability against crystallization can be achieved. Topic 6 - Dynamics, especially of Small Molecules within Amorphous Carbohydrates Translational diffusion of small molecules (with low T,), even including water, at T < Tg of an amorphous carbohydrate matrix of higher T, (due to higher MW) can occur, but will be much slower than the diffusion of the same small molecule in a bulk liquid state. Topic 7 - Model Systems and Analytical Methods After a search for a ‘single best’ method for determination of T,for solid carbohydrates, the consensus was in favor of a combination of techniques, which could include DMTA, DSC (or MDSC), DETA, NMR, ESR, dielectric permittivity, X-ray diffraction, IR/Raman spectroscopy, microscopy, and computer simulation.

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