An Introduction to Programming with Mathematica® by Richard J. Gaylord

By Richard J. Gaylord

Accompanying the ebook, as with every TELOS subsidized guides, is an digital part. consequently it's a DOS-Diskette produced through one of many coauthors, Paul Wellin. This diskette contains Mathematica notebooks and applications which include the codes for all examples and workouts within the ebook, in addition to extra fabrics meant to increase many principles lined within the textual content. it truly is of serious worth to lecturers, scholars, and others utilizing this ebook to benefit how you can successfully software with Mathematica.

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For example, the predicate PrimeQ tests for the primality of its arguments. In[IJ:= PrimeQ[144] Out[I}= False In[2J:= PrimeQ[2~31 - 11 Out[2}= True Other predicates are available for testing numbers to see whether they are even, odd, integral, and so on. In[3}:= OddQ[21] Out[3}= True In[4]:= EvenQ[21] Out[4}= False In[5J:= IntegerQ[5/9] Out[5}= False Relational and Logical Operators Relational operators are used to compare two expressions and return a value of True or False. The relational operators in Mathematica are Equal (==), Unequal (!

We load this package by issuing the following command: In[l]:= Needs[UMiscellaneous'ChemicalElements'U] Once this package is loaded, all of the functions defined in it are available to use in our current session. For example, the package contains functions to show abbreviations of chemical elements, find atomic weights, heats of vaporization, etc. 2 Joule Kilo Mole In[6]:= ElectronConfiguration[W] Out[6J= {{2}' {2, 6}' {2, 6, 10}' {2, 6, 10, l4}, {2, 6, 4}, {2}} Any function defined in a package and then read in to the current session can be explored in the same manner as you would explore the built-in functions of Mathematica.

The function x - sin (x) clearly has a root at x = 0, but it appears as if FindRoot is unable to find it with an initial guess that is quite close to the desired root. As it turns out, this function is particularly "pathological" in that it converges to its roots very, very slowly. Mathematicds functions are set up in such a way so that their default behavior does the right thing in as broad a manner as possible. These functions can sometimes miss certain peculiarities. In these types of situations, a careful analysis of the problem you are working on is often necessary.

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