Analytical methods for coal and coal products, Volume 1 by Clarence Karr

By Clarence Karr

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The microscope-photometer system described in Sections V,A and VI,A is calibrated against a standard before reflectance measurement is made. Reflectance measurement of coal is usually performed on vitrinite because vitrinite is the most abundant maceral in coal and occurs in relatively large particles, thereby enabling relatively facile measure­ ment. 5% from brown coal to anthracite; thus reflectance of vitrinite is more reliable in characterizing the rank of a coal. Reflectance measurement can also be performed on exinite and inertinite, which are usually low in concentration and small in grain size.

A surface parallel to the bedding displays maximum re­ flectance in all directions. On an oblique surface of coal, maximum reflectance is displayed parallel to the bedding and intermediate values (apparent minima) between maximum and minimum are shown at right angles to that direction. Therefore a maximum reflectance value can always be obtained with a reflectometer by rotating any coal particle under the microscope until the bedding direction is parallel to the plane of vibration of the polarized incident light.

Reflectance M easurem en t C. Calculation and R eporting of R esults Innovations in Reflectance D eterm ination A utom ated Reflectance M icroscopy of Coal A pplications of Reflectance D eterm ination s A cknow ledgm ents R eferences 27 28 28 31 34 35 38 44 46 46 51 52 52 52 53 55 55 56 58 59 61 67 78 78 IN T R O D U C T IO N The reflectance of coal has proved to be a rapid and accurate index of coal rank, and is largely uninfluenced by the petrographic variation which can affect the results of many of the chemical tests used for the 27 Copyright 1978 by Academic Press, Inc.

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