Angels of Love and Light: The Great Archangels & Their by Lynn Fischer, Marius Michael-George

By Lynn Fischer, Marius Michael-George

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But they also all work together. Pink, yellow and blue form a powerful triad of love, wisdom and power. According to Mystical teachings, these three attributes of God actually blend in the heart chakra to form the foundation of God’s work inside the body, and are called the Three-fold Flame. This triad of color is the divine spark that fuels our lives with the spirit of the Lord. The blue ray is governed by God’s righteous warrior, Archangel Michael and his complement Faith, the pink by Archangel Chamuel and Charity, and the yellow by Archangel Jophiel • 31 • r The Seven Rays s and Christine.

Because these seven rays are the very core attributes of the Godhead, they are eternally expressing love, wisdom and power into the universe. It is helpful to think of God as the source of all light, like the sun. Imagine the solar rays as beams of light toned down and refracted into separate streams that emanate through a spinning prism. On each day of the week, the prism focuses one light ray down to earth more strongly than on other days. • 29 • …The Night of Glory, more opulent than a thousand moons!

It draws out the good in people and brings a feeling of oneness with others. It helps people fulfill their own specific divine plan by uplifting their emotional state and drawing on the quality of • 41 • May I burst into jubilant praise to assenting angels. RAINER MARIA RILKE, DUINO ELEGIES, 10 r The Seven Rays s divine love in their hearts and expressing it in their outer world. It is no surprise that the love ray rules the heart, or heart chakra, the ‘seat of central power’ in the body. Given the characteristics of this ray, is it any wonder couples give pink roses as expressions of love?

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