Anomalous Effects in Simple Metals by Albert Overhauser, Gene Dresselhaus

By Albert Overhauser, Gene Dresselhaus

Utilizing potassium for example, this paintings offers a distinct method of the anomalous results in metals, leading to wisdom that may be utilized to comparable fabrics.
such a lot theoretical predictions at the electrical, magnetic, optical, and thermal homes of an easy steel do ? unusually ? now not believe experimental habit present in alkali metals. the aim of this quantity is to rfile the numerous phenomena that experience violated expectancies. It collects in a single position the examine by means of Albert Overhauser, one of many pioneers of the sector. His and his collaborators paintings has resulted in a unified synthesis of alkali steel peculiarities. the original number of sixty five reprint papers, commented the place essential to clarify the context and viewpoint, is preceded by way of a radical and good paced introduction.
The ebook is intended to complicated strong nation physics and technological know-how historians.
it might probably additionally function extra analyzing in complicated good nation physics courses.
With a foreword via Mildred and Gene Dresselhaus

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1. The theoretical curve for potassium without a CDW is also shown. There is then no structure at all near cyclotron resonance, as was first emphasized by Chambers [Ref. 4, R48]. The surprising behavior is fully explained when the CDW modifications of the Fermi surface are included [R58]. 23 24 12 Angle-Resolved Photoemission In Chapter 4, we observed that evaporated films of potassium (or Na) are found (by low energy electron diffraction) to have a [110] crystal direction perpendicular to the surface.

2, from Q (where ω q D 0) to the point where ω q is a maximum. Since q φ is much smaller than the radius, q D , of the (ordinary) Debye sphere, the phason contribution to the heat capacity will create a low-temperature anomaly, [R22], [R62]. Such an anomalous peak was first observed in metallic Rb (by Lien and Phillips [Ref. 3]. ) A similar anomaly was observed in potassium by Amarasecara and Keesom [Ref. 8 ı K. The optimum fit was obtained with θφ D 6 ı K; and (q θ /q D )3 D 2 10 5 , the ratio of the phason-sphere volume to the Debyesphere volume.

After yet another eighteen years, a microscopic mechanism for such anisotropy was discovered [R61]. One can appreciate that the absence of magnetoflicker noise played a significant historical role in the progress of understanding K. The theoretical foundation of the CDW broken symmetry in alkali metals is, of course, the SDW instability theorem (in the Hartree–Fock approximation), [R3]. The initial proof of this theorem was rather difficult. Giuliani and Vignale (Quantum Theory of the Electron Liquid, Cambridge University Press, 2005, Sect.

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