Beginning Functional JavaScript. Functional Programming with by Anto Aravinth

By Anto Aravinth

Learn practical programming thoughts utilizing JavaScript ES6. you'll examine innovations resembling currying, partial services, higher-order capabilities, and monads.

Programming languages have advanced from concentrating on approaches to things and now on function. JavaScript supports practical programming and permits builders to jot down well-crafted code.

What you'll Learn:   

  • Master practical programming concepts
  • Identify how features are taken care of in JavaScript
  • Understand real-world useful libraries and create a practical library that mimics underscore.js
  • Perform pure-error dealing with suggestions corresponding to functors and monads
  • Discover ES6 practical positive factors akin to unfold operators and generators

Who This publication Is For:

JavaScript builders (or novices) who are looking to comprehend practical programming techniques and the useful nature of the language.

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Extra info for Beginning Functional JavaScript. Functional Programming with JavaScript using EcmaScript 6

Example text

Babel-Node is used to transpile our ES6 code and run it on Node js. BabelNode should be installed along with babel-cli. ■■Note Babel-node will be available in the terminal, only if you have installed babel-cli globally. Kindly refer to Appendix A for installing cli globally. js file should be transpiled with es2015node5 and run into node js. This should give the output as follows: 1 2 3 Hurray! Now we have abstracted out for logic into a function. Imagine you want to iterate and print the array contents with multiples of 2.

But we knew that the factorial of the value 2 is 2, 3 is 6, and so on. Mainly because we know the factorial function does work but only based on its argument and nothing else! So the question arises here: why can't we store back the result for each input (some sort of an object) and give back the output if the input is already present in the object? And moreover for calculating the factorial for 3, we need to calculate the factorial for 2, so why can't we reuse those calculations in our function?

Times Function Definition const times = (times, fn) => { for (var i = 0; i < times; i++) fn(i); } Times function looks very similar to the forEach function; it’s just that we are operating on a Number rather than an Array. log(n, "is even"); }); }); That’s going to print our expected answer 0 'is even' 2 'is even' 4 'is even' 6 'is even' 8 'is even' 10 'is even' . . 36 Chapter 3 ■ Higher-Order Functions . . 94 'is even' 96 'is even' 98 'is even' With the above code we have abstracted away looping, and the condition checks into a simple and concise higher-order function!

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