Bose-Einstein Condensation of Excitons and Biexcitons: And by S. A. Moskalenko, D. W. Snoke

By S. A. Moskalenko, D. W. Snoke

Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons is a different impact during which the digital states of a superb can self-organize to procure quantum part coherence. The phenomenon is heavily associated with Bose-Einstein condensation in different structures corresponding to liquid helium and laser-cooled atomic gases. masking theoretical points in addition to contemporary experimental paintings, the ebook presents a complete survey of the sphere. After introducing the correct easy physics of excitons, the authors talk about exciton-phonon interactions in addition to the habit of biexcitons. in addition they conceal exciton phase-transitions and provides specific awareness to nonlinear optical results together with the optical Stark impact and chaos in excitonic platforms. The thermodynamics of equilibrium, quasiequilibrium, and nonequilibrium platforms are tested intimately. all through, the authors interweave theoretical and experimental effects. The e-book can be of serious curiosity to graduate scholars and researchers in semiconductor and superconductor physics, quantum optics, and atomic physics.

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31) tf(k)^L. 32) P,q,k Here the following notation is introduced: Lk = 38 Basic Theory To eliminate the term that is linear in the operators a^ and a^, one can determine the chemical potential /x as follows: H = £ex(k0) + L o . 33) The part of the Hamiltonian that is quadratic in the operators a\ and aq can be diagonalized using Eq. 32). 34) The diagonalization can be effectuated by the linear transformation to new Bose operators |jj and §k as follows: where the coefficients of two alternative presentations obey the relations Ak Vk u\-vl = = \.

Data from two different experiments, with a short (100-ps) and a long (10-ns) laser pulse, are shown (from Ref. 36). Fig. 16, seem to indicate that more than mere rate-balance considerations come in to play, however, unless nature has given us a fantastic coincidence. 5 Experiments on Bose-Einstein Condensation of Excitons We have seen that excitons in certain semiconductors can certainly be made to demonstrate canonical Bose statistical effects, namely, Bose narrowing. We would like to know whether they can undergo BEC as well.

32). The three spin states of the orthoexciton triplet can be split by stress. 12 shows orthoexciton phonon-assisted luminescence at high density. In this case, there are three interpenetrating gas species, each with a different chemical potential but the same temperature [33]. 46). These spectra can be separated by the detection of different polarizations of the luminescence light. Unlike the spectra shown for Ge above, the spectra in Figs. 12 (as well as the spectra in the original observations of a Bose-Einstein distribution of excitons in CU2O [34]) are always broader than a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution at lattice temperature, which remains near the He bath temperature.

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