Chemical Anatomy of the Zebrafish Retina by Stephen Yazulla, Keith M. Studholme, Robert E. Marc, David

By Stephen Yazulla, Keith M. Studholme, Robert E. Marc, David Cameron

Chemical Anatomy of the Zebrafish Retina is a wonderful reference, offering first-class photographs and perception into probably the most more and more very important version platforms in neurobiology this day. Papers contain a visually wonderful molecular phenotype atlas and an exhaustive therapy of the neurochemical anatomy of the zebrafish retina as made up our minds by means of immunocytochemistry.

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SEELIGER, M. , HARRIS, W. A. & BAIER, H. (1999) Genetic disorders of vision revealed by a behavioral screen of 400 essential loci in zebrafish. Journal of Neuroscience 19, 8603-8615. , DENOROY, L. & VIGNY, A. (1986) Colocalization of tyrosine-hydroxylase and phenylethanolamine-N-methyltransferase immunoreactivity in the rat retina: A re-examination using double labeling on semi-thin sections. Experimental Eye Research 43, 575584. , SCHWARTZ, M. L. & RAKIC, P. (1986) GABA and GAD immunoreactivity of photoreceptor terminals in primate retina.

28A and B). However, as seen in a magnified overlay, the GAT3-IR appeared to surround the GluR2-IR rather than co-localize with it (Fig. 28C). This is a curious observation because GAT3, a GABA transporter, would be expected to be on the GABA accumulating horizontal cells that are labeled 32 Fig. 27. Double labeling with GluR2-IR (A) and GAD67-IR (B) demonstrates that GluR2-IR is restricted to the dendrites of the GAD67-IR horizontal cells (arrows). Scale bar = 20 (tm. with GAD67. It is possible that the GAT3-IR is localized on different parts of the horizontal cell dendrite than the GluR2-IR.

25A). The puncta were most intense at the vitreal surface, from which hints of streaks may be discerned in the IPL, INL and ending at a horizontal band of puncta at the outer limiting membrane. This distribution is highly suggestive of Muller's cells. There also appears to be a band of CFTR-IR in the OPL and in the region of cone horizontal cell bodies. Postsynaptic density 95 It was difficult to obtain good labeling with either of the PSD-95 antibodies that we tried. Often the label was apparent but very weak.

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