Chemical Evolution of the Early Precambrian by Cyril Ponnamperuma (Eds.)

By Cyril Ponnamperuma (Eds.)

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7 billion years. III. THE EXTENT OF THE ARCHEAN RECORD IN THE SLAVE PROVINCE The Archean geology throughout the Slave Province is essen­ tially similar to that described above for the basinal segment east of Yellowknife, but it is not known if sedimentation and volcanism everywhere in the province were contemporaneous. 7 billion years ago (Green and Baadsgaard, 1971; R. K. Wanless, personal communication, 1975). This, then, presents a rather curious problem. The time reprsented by the Archean record as preserved at any given locali­ ty is very short.

37. Stockwell, C. H. 1970. Geol. 7:1213. Soc. Amer. Bull. Surv. Canad. Canad. 65:1007. Ann Rep. Econ. Windley, B. , and Bridgwater, D. 1971. Spec, Austral. 3:33. 1932, Geol. Publ. pt. C, Rep. 1:43 Geol. Soc. CARBON CONTENTS OF EARLY PRECAMBRIAN ROCKS CARLETON B. MOORE and DONNA WELCH Arizona State University, Tempe The question of whether there are detectable chemical para­ meters in Early Precambrian sediments or metasediments that will shed light on geochemical conditions early in the Earth's evo­ lutionary history is an interesting and critical one.

Franklin, J. , Frarey, M. , Robertson, J. ,, West, G. , and Young, G. M. 1972. ROGERS in In R. A. Price and R. J. W. ), Variations Tectonic Styles in Canada, pp. 335 - 380. Geological Associ­ ation of Canada, Toronto, Canada. Condie, K. C. 1967. Science, 155:1013. Condie, K. C , Macke, J. , and Reimer, T. 0. 1970. Geol. Soc. Amer. , 81:2759. Dickinson, W. R. 1970. Rev. Geophys. , #:813. Donaldson, J. , McGlynn, J. , and Park, J. K. 1973. In D. H. Tarling and S. K. ), Implications of Continental Drift to the Earth Sciences, Vol.

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