Chemical Profiles of Industrial Cow’s Milk Curds by Caterina Barone, Marcella Barbera, Michele Barone, Salvatore

By Caterina Barone, Marcella Barbera, Michele Barone, Salvatore Parisi, Izabela Steinka

This short explores the chemistry and construction know-how of a cheese precursor: the cow’s milk curd. It explains how assorted coagulation and therapy tools can be utilized to acquire numerous sorts of cheeses. Parameters comparable to the kind of used milk, the coagulation technique, pH worth, colour, and microbial fermentation have a profound influence at the ensuing curd homes, and consequently at the cheese.

The authors talk about the most vital parameters, and the way their amendment can result in quite a few cheese and dairy items. This short additionally addresses the query, if cheese makers can standardize their construction techniques, and what function chemistry may perhaps play in that. one other vital aspect addressed listed below are the assets of disasters within the curd creation, e.g. in packaging platforms.

Readers will locate chosen examples of beneficial analytical options for learning and comparing curd caliber, and for tracking the chemical evolution of chosen chemical compounds or protein aggregation.

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All received curds have been found to be vacuum-packaged as 25–50 kg— blocks with thermosealable films, generally polypropylene or polyamide/ polyethylene plastic matters. As a result, 42 total samples have been considered and stored at 2° ± 2 °C before analyses. 2 Evolutive Profiles of Selected Cow’s Milk Curds During Storage 29 lot and producer) and immediately analysed after 24 h (two samples per lot, two analyses). The remaining two sample groups (four samples: two sampled after eight days; two sampled after 15 days) have been named ‘CUR xxx-a’ (‘a’ means the number of days after the arrival) and analysed after eight and 15 days.

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