Christian: Its meanings in an age of future shock by Malcolm Boyd

By Malcolm Boyd

The which means of being a Christian in an age of destiny surprise.

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I don't know what to say about it all. I'm sorry I missed the opportunity a lot earlier in my life. I've heard all the same lies about Jews and blacks ever since I was a child, from people who claimed to know all about them but never actually knew any Jews or blacks. I've had so many distortions taught me. " A Jew with whom I chatted in Atlanta saw a vast gulf between Jews and Christians and wanted it to remain that way. "The myth that Jews and Christians have a great deal in common is false," he said.

For some Israelis, God's grace, providence, or will is inseparable from the State of Israel. How could I relate to this? I have long believed that God is present in life. I felt the presence of God manifested more in the teeming throngs of Jerusalem streets than in the awesome, mysterious, and majestic mountains looming above the Dead Sea. Atop Masada itself, or on the Golan Heights, I felt God less than in the fast-moving human turmoil of downtown Tel Aviv. I felt God's force in Israel, although I do not equate God with Israel or America, Jerusalem or Washington.

Then, too, Jews do not come to Israel just as Jews, but as men and women characteristic of various cultures. It isn't easy to get a Russian Jew to understand what an American Jew is talking about—for example, when he discusses feelings of loyalty to America. " Reuven Surkis, director of the Israel Historical Society, had come from America to live in Israel. We sipped Cokes in the living room of his modest Jerusalem apartment following dinner with his family. "We have a problem because we don't know how to run a Jewish state," he said.

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