Complete Symbolic Simulation of SystemC Models: Efficient by Vladimir Herdt

By Vladimir Herdt

In his grasp thesis, Vladimir Herdt provides a unique strategy, known as entire symbolic simulation, for a extra effective verification of a lot higher (non-terminating) SystemC courses. The technique combines symbolic simulation with stateful version checking and permits to make sure protection houses in (cyclic) finite country areas, via exhaustive exploration of all attainable inputs and approach schedulings. The country explosion challenge is alleviated by way of integrating complementary aid ideas. in comparison to latest methods, the entire symbolic simulation works extra successfully, and hence promises correctness proofs for better structures, that is the most hard initiatives, as a result of ever expanding complexity.

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It turns out that only immediate notifications fall into this category. Trace Equivalence and Partial Orders This section will formalize the notion of trace equivalence and relate it to partial orders. The description follows the notion presented in [God96]. First the definitions will be presented, then some examples will be shown to illustrate the concepts. According to [Maz87; God96] transition sequences (traces) can be grouped into equivalence classes by means of an (in-)dependence relation. Definition 6 (Trace Equivalence) Two sequences of transitions w1 and w2 are equivalent, denoted as w1 ≡ w2 , if they can be obtained from each other by successively permuting adjacent independent transitions.

Partial Order Reduction 17 the execution of these equivalent transition sequences in a single representative order, reducing resource usage required for model checking. Several similar approaches for POR have been developed. Most of them work by selecting a subset of enabled transitions in each state, resulting in the exploration of a reduced state space. Such sets are called persistent [God91; GP93; God96], stubborn [Val89; Val91; Val98; VV98] or ample [Pel93; Cla+99]. Optionally sleep sets can be additionally used to select smaller subsets of enabled transitions in each state, thus further reducing the explored state space [GW93; God96].

G. read/write). They also contain thread/transition identifiers which have been disabled and events that have been immediately notified. Basically enough information is tracked during the execution of a transition such that given two effect sets e1 and e2 , it can be decided whether e1 and e2 are dependent, according to Definition 4 of transition dependencies. Basically enough information is tracked during the execution of a transition such that given two effect sets e1 and e2 , the IVL specific transition dependency relation, given in Section 8, can be (conservatively) decided between them.

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