Concord Publications 1038 Franco German Brigade by Walter Bohm Peter Siebert

By Walter Bohm Peter Siebert

Изображения: цветные и черно-белые фото, цветные рисункиThe FRANCO-GERMAN BRIGADE (D/F-Brig.) is reallythe first ecu army unit equipped for adefensive position that involves squaddies from differentnations.After the tip of chilly battle, the loose countries attempted tofind new and higher how one can perform their defensepolicy.Today, because of political advancements, troops andfinancial assets are lowered. New association hasbecome essential to supply the lowered forces abetter strength for speedy shielding operation.

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Walter B6hm) Close-up of the RATAC fire control M113A1G. In the battalion's command battery, we find two RATAC systems. The radar has four operating modes: ground surveillance, acquisition and identification, angular deviation, measurement, and automatic tracking. (Walter B6hm) In the OIF-Brig. Headquarters Company, we find some M577A1G command post vehicles. Every vehicle carries additional equipment to build a tent at the rear of the vehicle. For the brigade staff, two or three M577A1Gs can be connected by these tents, back to back, or in the form of a ''T''.

Peter Siebert) A well camouflaged Beobachtungspanzer M113A1G. This German conversion of the APC is created to give the forward observers better protection, greater mobility and more room for the radio and fire control equipment. (Peter Siebert) The German Army decided that the amphibious capacity of the M113 series was no longer necessary. A new-styled stowage basket replaced the trim vane on this M113A1G from the HQ company. (Peter Siebert) In the front is the RATAC fire control vehicle; in the back is a forward observer.

Peter Siebert) Quick movement from one firing position to another needs well trained crew. A good 8-man crew needs only two minutes to uncouple, drive into position and go into action. (Peter Siebert) Although the FH-70 is a good, reliable weapon system, there is one big flaw - no protection for the crew. Especially under NBC conditions, this is no longer an up to date weapon system. onalonAirmob,i1e \ SHl 'IUD exercise The h.. . . . - .....

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