Effective Perl programming : ways to write better, more by Joseph N Hall; Joshua McAdams; Brian D Foy

By Joseph N Hall; Joshua McAdams; Brian D Foy

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9 ] = reverse @list[ 5 .. 9 ]; @list[ reverse 5 .. 9 ] = @list[ 5 .. 9 ]; Slices provide a handy way to swap two elements: @a[ $n, $m ] = @a[ $m, $n ]; @item{ 'old', # swap $a[$m] and $a[$n] 'new' } = @item{ 'new', 'old' }; # swap $item{old} and # $item{new} Use slices to reorder arrays Slices are also used in sorting (Item 22). Given two parallel arrays @uid and @name, this example sorts @name according to the numerical contents of @uid. The sort orders the indices in @name, uses that sorted list as a slice, then assigns the slice back to @name: @name = @name[ sort { $uid[$a] <=> $uid[$b] } 0 ..

Find the documentation for Perl and its modules. Perl comes with a lot of documentation—more than you’d ever want to put on paper. You’d use a couple of reams of paper and a lot of toner to print it all. We lost count after the documentation got to be around 2,000 pages (on our virtual printer, so no trees harmed). com> 10 ❘ Chapter 1 The Basics of Perl There is a huge amount of useful information in the documentation files, so it pays to be able to read them, but even more than that, to find information in them.

0' ~~ '123' ) { ... } # numish and numish: FALSE You need to be careful when you use variables with smart match, since their history in the program matters. If you previously did something to $var to trigger a conversion (Item 8), you might get unexpected results as the smart match chooses the wrong comparison type. com> Item 7. "; } However, if you start with a number but make it into a string, Perl sees it only as a string and forces eq semantics on it. "; } Things to remember ■ ■ ■ Remember that strings and numbers compare and sort differently.

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