MindScience: An East-West Dialogue by Dalai Lama, Daniel Goleman, Howard E. Gardner, Herbert

By Dalai Lama, Daniel Goleman, Howard E. Gardner, Herbert Benson, Robert A. F. Thurman, Harvard Mind Science Symposium

What's the refined courting among brain and physique? What can today's scientists know about this dating from masters of Buddhist idea? Is it attainable that through combining Western and jap techniques, we will be able to succeed in a brand new knowing of the character of the brain, the human power for development, the chances for psychological and actual future health? MindScience explores those and different questions because it files the start of an old discussion among sleek technological know-how and Buddhism, in keeping with a day-long Harvard scientific college symposium during which The Harvard brain technological know-how Symposium introduced jointly the Dalai Lama and experts from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, and schooling. the following, they study myriad questions about the nature of the brain and its dating to the physique.

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MindScience: An East-West Dialogue

What's the sophisticated dating among brain and physique? What can today's scientists know about this courting from masters of Buddhist inspiration? Is it attainable that by way of combining Western and japanese techniques, we will achieve a brand new figuring out of the character of the brain, the human power for development, the chances for psychological and actual well-being?

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A final effect is to cause people to be very sensitive to the environment in which the drug is used. Now, how is this to be understood? In current brain science we see cocaine as acting on a well-defined group of nerve cells that secretes Buddhism) Neuroscience & the Medical Sciences 29 the substance dopamine at a particular place in the brain. The action of the simple cocaine molecule is to enhance the action of dopamine. It does this by combining with a particular membrane molecule that under normal circumstances takes up the dopamine and restricts its action.

Were that scenario to take place, then, whoever might be left to observe it would rightly say that the Greco-Roman, Euro-American decision to mess around with the environment without understanding and con­ trolling the self was a fatally flawed, foolish and monstrous decision made by human beings who tragically thought that as Westerners, they were greatest, the smartest on the planet. Personally I do not think this doomsday scenario will happen because I think that there is real intelligence in this universe, and we Tibetan Psychology 57 are more complex.

S are finding is that processes that elicit the relaxation response seem to prolong the lifetime of those who are suffering from cancer. Furthermore, we are finding within our sroups that many of the psychological and phys­ iological changes that accompany the anxiety and depression about the cancer can be reversed ; people have less depression, less anxiety and less hostility as they complete our groups. We are continuing to utilize these scientifically-based mind/body processes in the treatment of cancer.

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