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It is a time just for realisation of truth, watching and listening and observing the way things are; a time to refrain from indulging in selfish habits, moods, to give that all up for the welfare of all sentient beings. This is a sign to all people to reflect on this kind of dedication and sacrifice of moving towards truth. It’s a pointer towards realising truth in your own life, rather than just living in a perfunctory, habitual way, following the expedient conditions of the moment. It’s a reflection for others.

He is a rotten egg, a dirty rat, he did this and then he did that,” and you can see, it’s really funny, isn’t it? When I first went to Wat Pah Pong, I used to have tremendous anger and aversion arise. I’d just feel so frustrated, sometimes because I never knew what was really happening, and I didn’t want to have to conform so much as I had to there. I was just fuming. Ajahn Chah would be going on — he could give two hour talks in Lao — and I’d have a terrible pain in the knees. So I’d have those thoughts: “Why don’t you ever stop talking?

The lay community has the opportunity to participate in this. The monks and nuns are dependent upon the lay community just for basic survival, so it is an important thing for the lay community to take that responsibility. That takes you lay people out of your particular problems and obsessions because when you take time to come here to give, to help, to practise meditation and listen to the Dhamma, we find ourselves merging in that oneness of truth. We can be here together without envy, jealousy, fear, doubt, greed or lust because of our inclination towards realising that truth: Make that the intention for your life; don’t waste your life on foolish pursuits!

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