The ancient Egyptian coffin texts / Vol. II, Spells 355-787 by R O Faulkner

By R O Faulkner

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N. i. 53 . 3tw and varr . In 9ge no two texts are exactly alike, showing that the ancient editors were themselves at a loss ; TIC is the most intelligible. 54. f form. This sentence is not in TIC, and M2C lacks 100a- IOla. 55. Two quite obscure beings , the rr and the rrt. male and female. TIBe with the writing ir confirms the reference to ascension , but in that text both words are masculine . I cannot guess what this passage means. 56. mwt 'presiding lady , mistress' of a place. 57 . Ntrw. Iseion, Gauthier, Diet.

6. Obscure ; tJ dy r im of the text should perhaps be emended as tJ dy m; otherwise gs imy-wrt is left in the air. 7. t in the lacuna ; the remaining trace would suit. 8 . R [n sp 2 (sic), var. r tnw in K . 9. / as 'bowl' is certain, but there is a hidden pun on wsl:;r 'barge' , see the position of E in the diagrams. 10. lit. 'What is lifted up' in offering, with det. 2. in AIC. 11. , in concord with wsht. 12. Assuming itn to be the fern. sing. demonstrative in a rare spelling and independent use.

18. sdd in TIC, with five varr. Judging by the dets in 74bb and here in TIC, 'sweat' seems a probable translation, that being the moisture proper to the ribs and a counterpart to the 'slaver' on the lips. 19. TIC and SqlC have the alternative spelling rJfir. 20. SqISq and Sq2Sq omit rpyt. 21. So four texts out of six. TI C omits in, and SqISq has ir for [rt fir. 22. Reading in 88d ssmt s(y) in). sn makes poor sense, despite the plural strokes of TI Be. 23 . Var. smsmty (M2C). Species unknown. 24.

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