The Parable and Its Lesson: A Novella by Samuel Yosef Agnon, James S. Diamond, Alan Mintz

By Samuel Yosef Agnon, James S. Diamond, Alan Mintz

S. Y. Agnon used to be the best Hebrew author of the 20th century, and the one Hebrew author to obtain the Nobel Prize for literature. He dedicated the final years of his existence to writing an immense cycle of news approximately Buczacz, the Galician city (now in Ukraine) within which he grew up. but whilst those tales have been gathered and released 3 years after Agnon's demise, few took realize. Years handed prior to the brilliance and audacity of Agnon's past due venture can be favored.

The Parable and Its Lesson is without doubt one of the significant tales from this paintings. Set presently after the massacres of 1000s of Jewish groups within the Ukraine in 1648, it tells the story of a trip into the Netherworld taken by way of a rabbi and his younger assistant. What the rabbi reveals in his infernal trip is a sequence of troubling theological contradictions that undergo on divine justice. Agnon's tale provides us a desirable window onto a neighborhood within the throes of mourning its losses and reconstituting its non secular, communal, and fiscal existence within the aftermath of disaster. there is not any query that Agnon wrote of the 1648 massacres out of an know-how of the singular catastrophic bloodbath of his personal time—the Holocaust.

James S. Diamond has presents an intensive set of notes to guarantee that today's reader to understand the wealthy cultural global of the textual content. The creation and interpretive essay by way of Alan Mintz remove darkness from Agnon's grand venture for recreating the lifetime of Polish Jewry, and steer the reader in the course of the knots and twists of the plot.

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